Eagle Watching on Vancouver Island
Eagle Watching on Vancouver Island
Eagle Watching on Vancouver Island
Eagle Watching on Vancouver Island
Eagle Watching on Vancouver Island

 Eagle Watching on Vancouver Island

It is a complete loss if you come here and miss or refuse to watch the feathered white hood thieves of Vancouver Island. The joy of seeing beautiful bald eagles in British Columbia doesn't require to be an expert birdwatcher. They can be found perched above tree-lined riverbanks, cruising the sky, or swooping down to feast on spawning salmon. On Vancouver Island, the bald eagle is one of the most magnificent birds for which many people come to the Island to spot them dwindling for a handful hunt. These eagles prefer to nest in old-growth woods near big bodies of water, where it may hunt and scavenge. Bald eagles create some of the most giant nests of any other bird species, making it easy to locate their nests while on a bird watching tour. The bald eagle is a coastal resident of the Island, and during the fall salmon-spawning season, you may spot them in large numbers near rivers. That is mainly the reason why bald eagle watching is one of the bonuses of whale watching tours.
But why we call these majestic birds of prey "bald." It literary does not mean they are bald. Their name comes from the ancient English word "balde," which means "white" (white-headed). Bald eagles have a wingspan of 6 to 8 feet and weigh between 7 and 15 pounds. The female bald eagle is bigger than the male, making it one of North America's giant birds. Bald eagles love to catch fish by swooping down and grabbing them from the surface. They also prey on birds, particularly waterfowl, as well as mammals on rare occasions.
Bald eagles are renowned for being particularly passionate birds, as they only have one life partner. Like a beautiful dance in the sky, the romance takes place mid-air. Locking talons and cartwheeling in the air are required for this. Every year, the eagle couple will return to the same nest to lay one to three eggs, usually two!

Eagle Characteristics and Habitat

The US Fish and Wildlife Service downgraded bald eagles from endangered to threatened status in 1995. Each eye of eagles and other hawks has two fovea. The "regular" one is used to concentrate on the horizontal plane. The other is located higher on the retina and focuses attention on the ground. That explains why a perched bird's head will occasionally turn upside down. The eagle has a powerful, hooked beak that it uses to break food apart (fishing eagles have some of the most powerful beaks in the world). Eagle talons, in our case bald eagle talons, are extra-large (3–4 inches) and grooved below, and the foot pads are rough and nearly spiculate (needle-like) for greater grabbing ability, which is critical when the food is a huge slippery fish. Not to mention that the apex predator of Vancouver Island really enjoy to carry food in their eagle talons for their young. Bald eagles may be found across British Columbia and the United States (primarily in Florida and Alaska), with the biggest numbers in B.C. and Alaska. In the United States, they are a protected species. This animal may be found in the Eco provinces of Coast and Mountains and Georgia Lowlands in British Columbia.

When Is the Best Time to Go Eagle Watching on Vancouver Island?

According to DH News, winter on Vancouver Island is ideal for seeing bald eagles, for being precise. The majestic birds can be found all year on the Island, and they also breed in many places of other Northern America's states. Thousands of bald eagles migrate south in the winter to rivers, beaches, lakes, and estuaries. Bald eagles can be found in almost every southern city of Vancouver Island during the winter. Although they like to be near water, they can also be found in rangelands and farmland, where they congregate to dine on the carcasses of animals slaughtered in the winter.

Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to see eagles, according to Nowak. If birders want to photograph eagles, they should carry binoculars and a long lens camera for their bald eagle watching adventure.

Where Is the Best Location to Go Eagle Watching on Vancouver Island?

You may ask yourself "where is the best eagle watching near me?" According to Quora, American Bald Eagle have been nearly wiped out due to hunting. However, bald eagles can be found from Florida to Newfoundland and Baja California to Alaska, with a strong presence in the Pacific Northwest. Canadian Geography claims that eagle build their nests adjacent to the large bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, coastal marshes, reservoirs, and huge lakes. Thus, these bodies of water are the best places to go eagle watching on Vancouver Island. During their travel, they also cross mountains and plains. In the winter, populations from the north and the interior may travel to open water. Bald eagles can be found breeding across much of Alaska (where they are most frequent). On Vancouver Island, you may go to the southern parts to view bald eagles flying down for a grab. Cities like Nanaimo and the Gulf Islands are the best locations to go eagle watching on Vancouver Island.

10 Best Places for Eagle Watching on Vancouver Island

Go eagle watching in one of the bird watching paradises of Vancouver Island.

Discover the eagles in the bird watching mecca of Vancouver Island with us.

Experience a great eagle watching on the eastern part of Vancouver Island.

Experience a different Vancouver Island eagle watching in Port McNeil.

It is not possible to come to Pacific Rim and not to experience Ucluelet eagle watching.

Find your bird loving soul while eagle watching on Wild Pacific Trail lost paradise.

Another bird watching hidden gem right in the city of Nanaimo, great for sighting eagles.

Bald eagles are common in this area, which can make your visit even more delightful.

Literary the most famous trail on Vancouver Island you can go to spot some eagles while hiking.

Just a few miles northwest of Tofino you can see some eagles coming down for food in Hot Spring Cove.

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How Much Does Eagle Watching Cost?

Bald eagle watching is known chiefly as the bonus for other wildlife watching tours on Vancouver Island. However, you may customize a tour explicitly covering spotting bald eagles on Vancouver Island. Generally speaking, the cost of our bird watching adventures on Vancouver Island starts from $90, and it will increase according to the services you require for your trip. Remember that indoor bird watching is also available, and we will operate tours to view birds in rehabilitation centers or other bird sanctuaries.

6 Amazing Facts about Eagles You Must Know

- Humans are a significant danger to the population of bald eagles because they have no natural predators. Deforestation and shoreline development reduce the number of trees suitable for nesting and fishing, while chemicals accumulated in the food chain endanger the development of their chicks.
- Bald eagles can live up to their 20s in the wild, and the oldest bald eagle is reported to live till it is 28 years old. However, in captivity, they can live twice as long.
- Bald eagles are the apex birds of prey, and they sit on the top of feathered predators on Vancouver Island.
- Eagle nests are considerably large. The most giant eagle nest in the Pacific Northwest was about 1500 kgs and was 5 m (15 ft) broad by 7 m (21 ft) deep (5000 lbs).
- According to Nature Conservancy Canada, bald eagles will pluck one feather on one side if they lose one on the other side. They are pretty precise about their body balance.
- Eagles here on Vancouver Island mostly prefer fish despite the fact that they have really strong beaks and eagle talons.

You Guide For Eagle Watching on Vancouver Island

It's critical to hire a knowledgeable and competent tour guide. You'll be able to figure out which species are most likely to be present during the time of year you intend to visit, as well as where to seek for them. Even indigenous people do not have complete dominion over all of Vancouver Island's natural areas. If you don't want to get lost in it, ask a wildlife watching tour operator to connect you with a knowledgeable guide.

For the time being, consider the following reasons why hiring a professional tour guide is essential:

1. They have guided too many visitors and have enough knowledge regarding the potential bird watching locations.
2. They can help you learn how to behave while watching birds and not scaring them off. Also, they how to help you make the most of your bird watching adventure.
3. Bird watching tour guides have guided so many people through this magnificent journey, and they know when is the best time to view some birds amongst the dense trees of the forest.
4. Last but not least, you can benefit from the services they provide for the convenience of your bird watching journey.

So, what do you have to lose? Pack your belongings, board the ferry, and travel to Vancouver Island. Bring your bucket list of natural adventures and cross them off one by one here. Plan ahead of time for your bird-watching expedition and then choose the correct tour operator to complete it. Please contact our staff for additional information on how to choose the finest bird watching tour guide on Vancouver Island. Vanisle Wildlife is a proud whale watching, bear watching, bird watching, and wildlife viewing tour operator, and we are eager to teach our clients about the wonders and fragility of Vancouver Island's lands, seas, and air.

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Eagle Watching FAQ

According to Vancouver Island Is Awesome, every year, around 35,000 eagles fly through BC amongst which many of them inhabit Vancouver Island. They are majestic, gorgeous birds with a wing span of up to eight feet.
Vancouver Island is one of the prim locations in North America you can go to spot these mighty birds. Sothern Island is saturated with bald eagels. 
Vancouver Island is home to the mighty bald eagles.
According to Bird Watching HQ, large open habitats, such as cliffs, mountains, or hills, are preferred by these mighty eagles in BC. Grasslands, farmlands, shrublands, arctic tundra, and coniferous forests are all good places to look for these birds.
They will either stay put or travel solely locally. Eagles are considered to migrate during the day, typically between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., with the majority not departing until mid-morning or later, possibly to allow the sun to generate more favourable thermals.

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