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4-Day Pacific Rim Wildlife Discovery

Bear watching on Vancouver Island is becoming more and more popular day after day. Even locals surf the net to find an affordable tour for bear watching to attend on Vancouver Island. Vanisle Wildlife is eager to cooperate with your beloved enthusiasts to prepare an ideal opportunity for watching these hairy beasts here on this wonderful island. However, getting on a bear watching tour is not all about booking a tour. There are some specific rules and precautions that you must know before you go bear watching on Vancouver Island. Let's see what we have for you in this 4-day bear discovery in Pacific Rim. Stay with us!

Tour's Briefcase!

Tour's Info

How We Meet?!

If you are not a VanIslander yet, you may enter the Island from either Victoria or Nanaimo. That is why we decided to tell you what is the easiest and fastest road towards our bear watching location. Furthermore, Tofino is accessible by plane, sea planes, and ferries. Now, let's see how you can get to the destination where in you are going to have your dream come true.

From Victoria

Victoria to Pacific Rim route might last longer, though it is more straightforward in comparison to the Nanaimo-Pacific Rim. If you refer to the Maps, you will see that there are two routes suggested for Victoria-Pacific Rim. We introduce you the fastest route from downtown Victoria which is via Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 N for 196 km (121.7 miles) that takes about three hours and a half. Take Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 N, Cowichan Valley Hwy/BC-18 W and Youbou Rd to N Shore Rd for 125 km (77.6 miles). Continue on N Shore Rd to your destination for for 70.7 km (43.9 miles) and there you arrive in the beautiful Pacific Rim

From Nanaimo

The fastest route to Pacific Rime from Nanaimo is via BC-4 W for 176 km (109.3 miles)that takes about two hours and a half. Head west on Fitzwilliam St toward Wesley St for 800 m (0.4 miles). Continue onto Third St for 1.9 km (1.1 miles). Continue onto Jingle Pot Rd for 650 m (0.3 miles). Turn right onto BC-19 N (signs for Campbell R) for 41 km (25.4 miles). Take exit 60 toward Port Alberni for 1.8 km (1.1 miles). Merge onto Memorial Rd/BC-4 W and follow the road for 128 km (79.5 miles). Turn right onto Pacific Rim Hwy/BC-4 W for 1.1 km (0.6 miles) and there you are at your destination

Itinerary for This Adventure

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

The tiny communities of Tofino and Ucluelet, located at the northern edge of the Pacific Rim National Park and a breathtaking drive from either Nanaimo or Victoria, are the ideal location for you and your family to explore. You'll stay in your camps, or nearby accommodation based on your will only steps away from a private beach and a variety of stores and eateries. Once you've settled in, your hosts will be pleased to tell you all about their community.

You won't be able to sleep in today since you'll be up and out early for an exciting excursion. You'll visit Clayoquot Sound, which is surrounded by environment and home to a diverse range of species, including black bears. You'll board a Zodiac boat (a huge rubber dinghy) and speed across the lake, keeping a respectful distance from the bears as they forage for food along the coast. The excursion lasts 2.5 hours, and each participant will receive a survival safety suit to wear - just remember to bring your binoculars! After that, you have the remainder of the day to explore the Pacific Rim. There are lots of hiking routes for people of all ages and abilities, or you may remain on the ocean and sea kayak, paddleboard, or surf all day. The limitless assortment of secluded, craggy beaches is also ideal for swimming or letting the kids run about while you relax in a hammock.

You'll have the entire day to yourself today to explore the craggy coastline and towering woods. With a loop at the headland, the Wild Pacific Trail runs the length of the peninsula to Ucluelet. The paths range in complexity from basic to moderate, and they're a terrific opportunity to see the coastline. Long sections of beach may be found closer to Tofino for a more leisurely experience.
Regrettably, it's time to bid farewell to the beautiful Pacific Rim National Park and continue on to the next site on your family's journey. We propose making your way to Quadra Island, where you may continue your hunt for Canadian wildlife and see killer whales in their native habitat.

Dos & Don’ts for This Adventure

  • Bears are not aggressive in general. However, they might be attracted to the scent of food. Therefore, foods and beverages except water are not allowed.
  • Bears are highly sensitive about their cubs. In the case of watching bears on foot, please do not attempt to approach them, especially their cubs.
  • Do not catch their attention by any particular hand movement and gestures.
  • Taking photos is allowed. Nonetheless, do not use any flash cameras.

What to Bring for This Tofino Adventure

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Headlight
  • Drinking water
  • Binoculars (just in case)
  • Warm clothes
  • Suitable shoes
  • Antiemetics
  • Bear spray (just in case)

What’s included:

  • The opportunity of a lifetime! 2-hour kayaking along the longest beach on Vancouver Island, Long Beach.
  • Right Time, Right Place; and the Bonus Is Yours! The bonus of whale watching/ bird watching is included, provided that you visit during the right season.
  • The Amazing night sky and live music on the beach.
  • Exploring the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve 
  • Campfire and all the other related activit

Wildlife Watching/Viewing on Vancouver Island

Discover the Unknown on Vancouver Island! Get lost and find yourself once again in the untouched nature of it. The land of opportunities in which you can have the chance to make all of your Canadian wildlife watching/viewing bucket lists come true.

The Cost of This Imaginary Package

This adventure will take place aboard (zodiac/boat), and the first day is fully designated to bear watching/viewing. On the second day, occasionally spotting bears might happen. Considering the costs for meals and transportation, the price for this tour will be …... plus taxes.


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