Nanaimo's Harbour Seals at Maffeo Sutton Park
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Seal Encounter: Unveiling Nanaimo's Harbour Seals at Maffeo Sutton Park

Embark on a captivating adventure to Nanaimo's Maffeo Sutton Park, where playful harbour seals bask on the shores and frolic in the Salish Sea! This family-friendly tour is designed for all ages and offers a unique opportunity to witness these curious creatures in their natural habitat. Led by a knowledgeable guide, you'll learn about seal biology, behaviour, and the importance of conservation efforts.

Tour's Briefcase!

Tour's Info

* Observe harbour seals in their natural environment at Maffeo Sutton Park
* Learn fascinating facts about seal biology and behaviour from your expert guide * Explore the scenic waterfront and lush gardens of Maffeo Sutton Park
* Enjoy a relaxing afternoon amidst the beauty of Vancouver Island * Capture unforgettable memories of these captivating marine mammals

How We Meet?!

Meet your guide at the Nanaimo Visitor Centre at least 15 minutes before your scheduled tour departure time.

Itinerary for This Adventure

Day 1

* Welcome and Introductions: Meet your guide at the Nanaimo Visitor Centre and learn about the exciting day ahead!
* Educational Talk: Embark on a short walk to Maffeo Sutton Park, where your guide will share fascinating facts about harbour seals, their biology, and their role in the Salish Sea ecosystem.
* Seal Watching Extravaganza: Spend a relaxing time observing harbour seals basking on the rocks, swimming in the water, and interacting with each other. Your guide will help you spot them and answer any questions you may have.
* Exploring Maffeo Sutton Park: Take a stroll through the park's beautiful gardens, enjoy the scenic waterfront views, or visit the historic carousel (admission separate).
* Wrap-Up and Farewell: After a delightful afternoon of seal encounters and exploration, return to the Nanaimo Visitor Centre with newfound appreciation for these charming marine mammals.

Dos & Don’ts for This Adventure

  • * Dress comfortably in layers suitable for the weather (consider sun protection and wind).
  • * Bring comfortable walking shoes.
  • * Binoculars are recommended for a closer look at the seals.
  • * Cameras are welcome to capture memories of your seal encounter.
  • * Maintain a respectful distance from the seals and avoid loud noises.
  • * Leave no trace and respect the park environment.

What's Included:

  • * Guided tour led by a knowledgeable expert
  • * Light refreshments and snacks
  • * Informative handouts about harbour seals

What's Not Included:

  • * Transportation to/from the Nanaimo Visitor Centre
  • * Gratuities
  • * Personal expenses (e.g., carousel ride)

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You'll have the amazing opportunity to observe harbour seals in their natural habitat at Maffeo Sutton Park! These playful creatures can often be seen basking on the shores or frolicking in the Salish Sea. Your knowledgeable guide will also share interesting facts about seal biology and behavior.

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