Wildlife Watching on Vancouver Island

Discover the Unknown on Vancouver Island! Get lost and find yourself once again in the untouched nature of it. The land of opportunities in which you can have the chance to make all of your Canadian wildlife viewing bucket lists come true.

Vancouver Island Wildlife!

Vancouver Island is the land of endless opportunities to go wild in the wild. Various wildlife here can amuse you to high degrees of excitement. Let your soul feed on the natural beauties found in every corner of Vancouver Island.

Like the lands, the ocean surrounding Vancouver Island is saturated with various marine life, each unique in its own way. The incredible underwater life here can awe you to death and let you have a blast watching them splashing the water.

Get Lost in the Ocean!

Discover the lands of Vancouver Island and all the creatures inhabiting them. Every spot on the Island which is not covered by the water is home to various type of wildlife which can reflect the beauty of the creation.

Get Lost on Earth!

Vancouver Island is where you can feel like flying in between the clouds. The birdlife here is what makes the island different from other places. Discover Vancouver Island feathers and see how they are guarding the lands from upstairs!

Get Lost into the Sky!

Be the Storyteller of Your Journey!

Vancouver Island wildlife is so vast that you cannot choose to go watching which one first! Get the tickets and come to this extraordinary place. There are lots and lots of wonders you can either take a picture of or write about in your journal. The good news is that wildlife watching is something available throughout the island at any time.

Why Wildlife Watching/Viewing on Vancouver Island?

If you are passionate about viewing wildlife in their natural habitat, the way they live, the way they feed, or in some cases, the way they choose their partners for mating, well, Vancouver Island is where you are looking for. Wildlife viewing on this incredible island is just like what you fantasize about in your mind. Do not lose it for the world.

Know Before You Go Wildlife Watching/Viewing on Vancouver Island

Surrounded by the waters of the Pacific, Vancouver Island is where you can feed your nature-loving spirit. Various wildlife, untouched scenery, and virgin nature all make this island one the densest locations on earth for exploring different dimensions of creation. You can splash the sand walking on the pristine beaches of Vancouver Island while gazing upon the snowy peaks of higher elevations, watching whales breaching, and maybe some grizzlies feeding on salmon. Dream, plan, and come to Vancouver Island to explore!